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    On September 24, 2013, adoptive father Toby Meisenheimer was putting a bandage on his son Kai’s forehead when he noticed for the first time that bandages were made to match only lighter skin tones.  Why was this? Kai was already starting to ask questions about why his skin didn’t match his mom’s or his dad’s... Would this be another thing he would eventually notice that would make him feel unmatched and out of place?  Were Kai’s only alternatives a Star Wars bandage, or a “clear” bandage (with a white gauze square that doesn't effectively contain the wound)?

    Toby and his wife, Murphy, wanted their 6 kids to grow up in a world that provided more options in bandages.  Options that validate their equality and celebrate their individuality.

    Since 2013, the Tru-Colour Bandages team has been risking time, energy, and personal savings toward changing the bandage industry.  Recently, a major retailer took notice, and as of April 2018, we are proud to share that Tru-Colour Bandages are available in Target stores nationwide.

    A bandage was and is a small, tangible way to show care, conceal a hurt, and begin the restorative healing process.  From the individual with a papercut to our human race, we are confident that healing is possible and that it happens in these moments and small decisions.

    At Tru-Colour Bandages, we believe the world is ready for a product that celebrates the value of each person through diversity in healing. We hope you do too and that you’ll consider purchasing bandages from the little company that wants to make them just for you.