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    What different skin tone shades are offered by Tru-Colour Bandages? Tru-Colour Bandages skin tone shades are based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. We currently provide 3 skin tone shades with specific color packaging assigned to each shade:

    • Olive - Moderate Brown skin tone bandages are available in green packaging.
    • Brown - Dark Brown skin tone bandages are available in orange packaging.
    • Dark Brown - Black skin tone bandages are available in purple packaging.

      Does Tru-Colour Bandages plan to offer additional skin tone shades?

      We hope to in the near future. Please check back soon!

      How many bandages are in a pack? 

      Bandage packs purchased at Target stores or Target online are sold in 20-count bandage packs. Each 20-count bandage pack includes 10 medium & 10 small bandages. Bandage packs purchased online via Tru-Colour’s website, Amazon or in bulk are 30-count bandage packs. Each 30-count bandage pack includes 15 medium & 15 small bandages.

      Do you ship to countries outside of North America?

      Yes! Please send us an email in the contact form. Although not always possible, we try our best to accommodate orders outside of North America.

      Do you offer Wholesale or Institutional discounts?

      You bet! Outside the 51 Bandage Equality pack we sell on this site, we offer bulk discounts starting at 150 packs through our fundraising program. If you are looking to take it one step further, we would ask you to fill out our wholesale form, and we will be in touch.

      How can I help promote Tru-Colour Bandages?

      We value customer support and are grateful to have your feedback. You can help promote Tru-Colour Bandages by doing one or more of the following: Leave us a product review, share us with friends, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram. If you are looking to help sell Tru-Colour Bandages directly, please visit our page on Fundraising.

      I noticed there is an expiration date of November 2016 on my pack. What does this mean?

      Some packages from our first production batch may have expiration dates. Those were printing errors by the manufacturer and do not affect the sterility or the effectiveness of the product. The FDA does not require expiration dates for sterile adhesive bandages per HHS Publication FDA 89-4203 “Labeling: Regulatory requirements for Medical Devices”, p24.' "

      "Shelf-life dating solely for package integrity and sterility is not usually required By FDA for general medical devices. There may be a need for expiration dating when a particular component of a device, such as a battery or diagnostic reagent, has a finite useful life. Labeling for in vitro diagnostic devices [809.10(a) and (b)] requires an expiration date or some other means by which users may be assured of quality at the time of use. This requirement applies to both sterile and nonsterile in vitro diagnostic device."